Learn About Debit Cards

Learn About Debit Cards Fees

Most Banks work hard to monetize debit card transactions. A few years ago, it wasn't uncommon for banks to charge an annual fee for a debit card.

However, in today's competitive environment, a free debit card linked to your checking and savings account. Where you can find fees, however, is at the retailer's terminal or the point-of-sale, as it's known in the financial industry.


Reducing Credit Card Debt

About Reducing Credit Card Debt

How can you tell if your debt load is too high? You're unable to make the minimum payments on your credit cards. You borrow from one credit card to pay another credit card. You're frequently charged fees for late payments or going over your credit card limit. You use credit cards out of necessity rather than convenience. You don't contribute to your retirement plans because of credit card debt. You devote more than 20% of your take-home pay to making payments on credit cards and loans other than your mortgage home loan.


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